While beiAC maintenanceng without heat is much worse than being without air to the average customer, both are stressful. The question is, is it less stressful when you are proactive and pick the timing of installation?
In an earlier blog, we talked about how a century of service mattered—specifically that smart service providers don’t sit still, and even smarter customers continue to expect more from us. That point is especially true when it’s time to make the leap from maintenance and repair of a central air to replacement, which is often the most expensive decision to make in the short run.

Good service providers like Seider won’t try to put fear in you about the “what ifs” just to make the sale, but will rather weigh the pros and cons with you in continuing to invest in repairs versus installing an entirely new system. Truth be told, while we’d love to sell you a new system, you can literally run your central air until it dies. With that said, there are definitely signs of aging equipment that our trained techs can spot and monitor with regular maintenance. So when it’s time to consider replacement, it’s our job to explain the key advantage of a planned one—putting you in control of the “when” and removing the unpredictability of natural equipment failure. It’s also important to point out that there are costs to replacement, too. Replacement parts on older units typically increase in price as they age—and while they go up, so does your energy bills because most older models are not efficient.

Remember, when your air is suddenly out, your brain is instantly flooded with questions like, “how long will I be without air?” and “how much is this going to run me?” In that case, you need a trusted service partner to give you the expert recommendation you need at that critical point. We do it every day—so we can tell you in a matter of minutes what we can do and here’s when, which in most cases is the same day.

Because that’s what a good service provider does—they listen, give you options, and then get the job done on your schedule.