seiderOLDHow many service providers can literally say they’ve been around for more than 100 years? Not many, but is that enough—does that kind of longevity guarantee great service? I think most consumers will say probably not.

We know we have to back up our “families taking care of families since 1912” mantra with exceptional service every single day, because we hold ourselves accountable for the service level that has become an expectation with our customers over time.

More discerning customers might question whether being around so long makes us old-fashioned. From a technology or advancement perspective, that’s not a good thing. Being in the home comfort business, we quite frankly can’t afford to live in the past. Thousands of people have let us into their homes over the years—and we are always trying to find ways to get invited back. To do that, you can’t just provide dependable heating and cooling services and products. You’ve got to be perceived as the go-to experts in heating and cooling—establish that trust with customers—and then be of great value in areas like indoor air quality, plumbing, and electrical.

At the end of the day, a century of service matters if you are a smart service provider that never sits still—and one with even smarter customers that continue to expect more from you.