Here Are the Top Things You Need to Know About Your Plumbing

Small Plumbing Updates That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Home

When homeowners want to improve their home’s efficiency or value, plumbing updates probably aren’t the first thing they think of. However, plumbing fixtures and appliances are affordable, effective ways to enhance both with a simple installation. The licensed plumbers at Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical share the top plumbing renovations that will make a big difference in your home. Put Low-Flow Fixtures High on Your Shopping List Low-flow fixtures offer the best of both worlds—they’re stylish and help lower utility bills by controlling or [...]

September 19th, 2019|

The Dos and Don’ts of DIY Plumbing Repair & When to Call a Plumber

When it comes to home plumbing repair, DIY repair work is all fine and good—up to a certain point. Read through these common plumbing problems to see when the Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical experts feel it’s ok to try DIY plumbing repair and when you should call a professional plumber to avoid any mishaps or serious damage. Plumbing Problems You Can Probably Fix Yourself Running Toilet—your toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day if it’s running nonstop. The most common [...]

November 12th, 2018|

6 Easy Steps to Fix a Clogged Drain

Nothing puts a damper on a great dinner like a clogged drain and backed-up kitchen sink afterward. And nothing ruins a morning shower like standing ankle-deep in soapy water. But with a few simple tools and expert tips from the Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical team, you can wash clogs (and worries) down the drain. A Few Good Tools Invest in these inexpensive, must-haves for homeowners to unclog toilets and drains: Plunger—a stout handle and larger rubber bell delivers the most force Snake—look for a [...]

July 20th, 2018|

Avoid a DIY Disaster—Leave Plumbing Updates to an Expert

Before you run to the hardware store for some pipe fittings and a plumber’s wrench, know that hiring a licensed plumbing contractor from the start can save you valuable time and money. In fact, it doesn't break the bank to have a pro do your plumbing update—and it’ll make a big difference in the look and life of your home’s entire plumbing system. The experts at Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical weigh in on plumbing updates and upgrades by sharing their top five ways to [...]

May 21st, 2018|

Here’s Why You Need to Prepare Your Home Plumbing for Winter

With winter on its way, we all have a list of things we should do to be ready, like get an oil change, replace old wiper blades, tune up the furnace, and clean the fireplace. But there’s a major reason why home plumbing should be included on your list—frozen or burst pipes. Old or new, pipes that are not properly insulated or maintained run the risk of freezing and bursting, which leaves you with a big mess and without water. Protect your home with these [...]

November 16th, 2017|
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