Become a Priority Customer with Our Preferred Service Agreement

furnace being serviced

With a Seider Preferred Service Agreement, you’ll become a priority customer and receive an annual Clean & Check on your equipment to maximize its efficiency and reliability—and extend its life. You’ll also benefit from:

  • 24-hour service with no overtime rates
  • Priority service (same-day when calling before noon, or next day)
  • An additional 15% discount on parts and labor (excluding diagnostic charges)
  • Our 100% Carrier Satisfaction Guarantee
  • One free maintenance service per year per equipment

$189 One furnace or air conditioner  |  $349 Both furnace & air conditioner

Why Waukesha County Residents Choose Our Comprehensive Clean & Check

With all of the immediate and long-term benefits of Preferred Service Agreements, it’s important to note that the agreement stays with you as the customer even when you buy a new home. Plus, ask your tech about a bonus that’s offered exclusively with the purchase of each agreement. And ask about our thorough maintenance and safety inspections:

  • Clean condenser coil
  • Inspect outdoor coil
  • Check temperature at coil
  • Measure fan AMP draw
  • Check condenser breaker
  • Measure condenser AMP draw
  • Examine blower wheel for excessive dirt
  • Check and adjust belts if needed
  • Measure sub cooling
  • Measure super heat
  • Inspect fan motor
  • Check fan blade for damage
  • Lubricate motor and bearings
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Check evaporator conditions and light cleaning if needed
  • Evaluate compressor
  • Examine 240V connections
  • Check crankcase heateroperation
  • Inspect safety of system
  • Check high voltage disconnect
  • Adjust thermostat if needed
  • Inspect unit ground and tighten if needed
  • Measure capacitance of run/start cap
  • Check for proper refrigerant levels
  • Examine wiring to outside wall
  • Inspect all wiring connections and tighten if needed
  • Check wall penetration for proper seal
  • Clean primary condensate drain lines
  • Examine contactor visually for burn marks/pitting
  • Measure voltage at load side of contactor
  • Measure voltage drop at contactor
  • Check TXV and lineset for tightness
  • Test operation of air conditioner and related controls


  • Adjust and clean burner assembly/flame sensor
  • Measure flame sensor signal
  • Inspect ignition for proper operation
  • Check hot surface igniter/spark ignition
  • Measure hot surface igniter OHMS
  • Examine burner setup
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and excessive rust
  • Lubricate motor and bearings
  • Measure AMP draw inducer motor/blower motor
  • Check and adjust belts if needed
  • Inspect blower assembly/timing
  • Check condition of unit
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Clean condensate line
  • Check gas pressure
  • Inspect pressure switch and tube
  • Check drains for proper drainage
  • Adjust thermostat if needed
  • Inspect safety of system
  • Check gas valve for leaks/corrosion
  • Examine gas lines for rust/corrosion/support
  • Check intake and exhaust vents
  • Measure carbon monoxide output
  • Test operation of furnace and related controls


  • Check water pressure
  • Inspect and replace strainer if needed
  • Oil the pump and bearing
  • Check pump coupling
  • Inspect and drain expansion tank if needed
  • Check relief value operation