shutterstock_1906676The possibility of saving money and the satisfaction that comes with successfully doing the job yourself are really the only two pros when it comes to do-it-yourself electrical services and repairs. And experts like us will tell you those two advantages can sometimes be enough to make good sense to do it yourself—depending on the job itself.

The problem is, typical do-it-your-selfers (let’s call them DIYs) don’t know enough about electrical repair to determine what they can and cannot do. With as much experience as the DIY might have, it’s simply no match for the years and years of electrical repairs that a licensed electrician has—because they do it every single day, and have been exposed to a variety of scenarios.

Which brings us to the most obvious, serious con at hand: safety. Did you know that the number one reason Seider is called for electrical work is because a DIY’s wife is calling after her husband has been “zapped” when trying to repair an outlet, for example. On the worse-case scenario end, poor electrical work is a common cause of household fires.

Now, this begs the question: Why don’t homeowners always call their electrician? Of course, it comes back to the fear of how much it will cost (remember the pro of doing it yourself?). Truth is, most simple jobs (simple to electricians, that is) like an outlet repair will come in for much less than you think. We’ve actually had customers tell us they hadn’t used an outlet in 10 years—just because they were afraid to ask how much it would cost. Not to mention how long they’ve put off fixing that sky-high chandelier or the ceiling fan that hasn’t moved in years—let alone moving ahead with the remodel that’s screaming for new light fixtures or soft, beautiful recessed lighting.

On that note, don’t forget to consider the time component in fixing or replacing electrical. There’s definitely an advantage to the speed that comes with hiring a true “pro”—instead of the stress that comes with a project left undone for days, weeks, or even years.