furnace-tuneup-4As the heating season approaches, our team here at Seider would like to bust some common furnace myths in order to save you money. Remember to call us anytime with questions or a service request—our team is ready to help.

1. All furnace filters are the same. False. Each furnace is designed with specifications for a certain type of filter. You can find your proper filter by checking your owner’s manual or giving us a call. The right furnace filter can improve your indoor air quality and save money because your furnace will operate efficiently. Homeowners also need to make sure they are changing them at the appropriate interval—on average, change your filter every few months depending on the type of filter you are using (or unless otherwise directed by a heating and cooling technician.)

2. Furnace maintenance is a waste of money. False. While there are definitely ways to save money when it comes to your furnace, skipping out on maintenance is not one of them. Regular upkeep is the number one way to support your home comfort investment and to assist your unit in running its full life cycle safely and efficiently. In the grand scheme of things, regular maintenance is incredibly affordable compared to the price of a new unit.

3. Always pick the cheapest estimate. Also false. Just because another company can do a job for less doesn’t mean you should work with them. When you select a service provider, you should look at the quality and standards of the company, and be sure that the services estimated are comparable. (For example—do they offer an 18-point furnace clean and check like we do?) A reliable company with the experience you need typically costs more than the cheapest option. Save yourself the hassle and have the job done right the first time by selecting a quality heating and cooling company like Seider.

4. Cranking the thermostat will warm your house up faster. Sounds like it could be true, but it’s false. Cranking your thermostat up to a higher temperature causes your furnace to run longer to reach the higher temperature, in turn costing you more money. Set your furnace to a comfortable, maintainable temperature (around 68-72 degrees) and save yourself some money.

5. Reduce your heating bills by closing registers and vents. You guessed it—false. Closing registers and vents not only blocks valuable heat from being circulated throughout your home, it also causes your system to operate inefficiently because the air emission balance is off. This imbalance will cause your unit to work harder than it needs to. Having all of your vents and registers open is the most energy-efficient option and circulates the most heat.