39184 salesman-departure -Understanding how your indoor air quality can be contaminated by pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds)—and the dangers they cause, as well as how to prevent high levels—is confusing, but important. VOCs are chemicals that evaporate at room temperature and can be emitted from new building materials like carpets, paints, and upholstery fabrics. But they are also found in air fresheners, cosmetics, and cleaning products—common home and personal care products you use every day.

While most people can smell high levels of some VOCs, other VOCs are odorless. The ideal VOC level is 500—and levels much higher can be dangerous. Long-term effects include increased risk of kidney, central nervous system, and liver damage. Fortunately, short-term effects like headaches, dizziness, nausea, asthma symptoms, and nose and throat irritation are easy to recognize. Adding products like an HRV or UV light can offer relief and purify your indoor air, but what exactly do they do?

What is an HRV? A heat recovery ventilator is a system designed to introduce fresh air into the home and to expel stale air. The system has two ventilation ducts—one carries filtered, fresh air in which is warmed along the way, and the other expels stale, overly moist air and VOCs outside. HRVs allow you to ventilate your home without wasting money on expelled heat. In winter, they can help you save on heating bills by keeping heat in your home, and in summer, they reduce the need for air conditioning by maintaining a comfortable level.

What are UV lights? UV lights are bulbs that are installed to eliminate mold and bacteria which can grow on home comfort systems. UV lights improve your home’s indoor air quality by eliminating pollutants, removing VOCs, and keeping germs and other contaminants from recirculating through your home’s comfort system. Not only do they improve your home’s indoor air quality—they also increase your system’s performance.

Making Your Home Seider Safe

Installing the right product depends on your home and its indoor air quality. Before you purchase an HRV or UV light, ask us about Seider Safe AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis™. For a limited time, a member of our team will perform a FREE 30-minute Seider Safe AirAdvice Indoor Air Analysis™ (a $249 value). We will provide you with reports revealing the quality of your air—and explain how an HRV or UV light can help to correct any problems.