AC maintenanceWhen the calendar flips from July to August, a sense of urgency kicks in for homeowners when they realize how much home maintenance they still need to do—and how little of summer is left. Outdoor painting, landscaping and lawn care, and other big projects on the to-do list are being crammed in between last-chance weekend getaways and end-of-summer festivals.

What heating and cooling experts can do is take annual system maintenance off your to-do list. You’ll hear us remind you frequently that annual tune-ups can help you get the most bang out of your bucks—you know, the money you invested when you bought your new system. Having the experts tune-up, clean, and safety-inspect your cooling, heating, or combined system will help to lengthen its life, prevent breakdowns, and lower your energy bills. The professionals literally have a long checklist of moving parts and components to go through during your system tune-up, including changing your filter.

And, like anything else around the house, remembering the last time you did something like change a filter or have your heating or cooling system tuned up is half the battle. That’s an easy fix when you partner with a heating and cooling pro like Seider Heating. We’ll keep track of all of that for you, so you can get on with wrapping up those outdoor projects—and still get outdoors for fun, too.