seiderBlogBeyond heating, cooling, and electrical services, Seider now offers master plumbing. Do you know to look for the master plumber number designation? You should. Like an MBA in the professional world, it’s the highest designation in the field of plumbing.

There are three steps to being a master plumber. Typically, plumbers start as apprentices and then are promoted to journeymen after reaching state-determined years of experience (usually two to five years). Most states including Wisconsin even require plumbers to pass a test to show understanding of local codes before receiving journeyman status. To get a master plumber license, you need to apply after reaching the state-determined years of journeyman service.

What this means to you is that apprentices must be supervised by a journeyman or master plumber, and journeyman plumbers can work on their own because they are licensed. Master plumbers can become contractors or have their own business.

Our licensed plumbing experts can do it all—plumbing installation, repair, replacement, as well as plumbing remodeling and new construction plumbing. We have the talent and expertise all under our roof to fix your smallest annoyance—like a leaky faucet, and the top-rated masters on the other end of the spectrum for big projects like remodeling.

The beauty of having it all, from our business perspective? Our apprentices and journeymen can learn “the Seider way” from the masters. We take deep pride in it.