What every homeowner should do after a power surge

We’ve all been there—the lights flicker and go out, the TV turns off, and your furnace or A/C stop working. You’ve just experienced a power surge and outage. Severe weather, a lightning strike, or an overloaded power grid—like during a heat wave or cold spell—can all be culprits. And while power surges don’t seem like a big deal as long as power is restored, they can actually have a larger impact on your home appliances than you think. The Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical pros share what you need to know if this happens to you.

What to Do When Your HVAC System Turns Off After a Power Surge

First things first, confirm there is a power outage in your area and not just in your home. A quick glance out your front window can determine if your neighbors’ homes and the street lights are out. If the whole neighborhood is out, call your electrical company and report it. The more people that call, the sooner the company will realize there’s a major issue in your neighborhood.

Next, check your furnace or air conditioner, as your system likely stopped working when the power went out. First, turn your system off at the thermostat. Locate your circuit breaker box and reset the circuit associated with your system. Wait roughly 30 minutes and then turn your system back on using the thermostat—it should start working again. If it doesn’t, you may have more extensive electrical damage.

NOTE: If your breaker keeps tripping repeatedly, do NOT turn it back on. Breakers trip to protect your home and equipment from excess electricity. Turning it back on increases the risk of a fire.

When an Electrical Issue Requires an HVAC Expert to Repair Your Furnace or A/C

If the power outage isn’t the issue, your system may be to blame. Call us ASAP so we can get your air conditioner or furnace up and running again. Our emergency service professionals will get to your home ASAP and determine the extent of the electrical damage. Here are a couple tips to remember until we get there:

  • If your furnace is out, pile on the layers to stay warm. Light your fireplace if you have one and close off doors to keep the heat focused in one room. Remember to keep an eye on pets and make sure they’re keeping warm, too.
  • If your air conditioner goes out, lower your shades during the day and open your windows at night if the temperature has dropped enough. Make sure your ceiling fans run counter-clockwise so they push air downward and create a nice breeze.

Seider Offers 24/7 Emergency Service in the Greater Waukesha Area

Our NATE-certified professionals will arrive at your home or business and repair your Carrier® furnace or A/C unit—or electrical system—as quickly as we can. We’ve been a go-to comfort provider since 1912, which means we have more than a century of experience in keeping families safe and comfortable. Call 262-436-0505 during an emergency, or call or contact us for regular HVAC maintenance and repair. We’re ready to help you whenever you need us.