Daikin A/C UnitToday we’re talking about the machine, the legend, and the myths—it’s all about your summer hero, the Daikin air conditioner. We’re sure you’ll benefit from our myth busting and learn a thing or two to save money.

Having maintenance performed is a waste of money. BUSTED. Having maintenance performed is worth every penny. A good cleaning keeps your system operating efficiently and even extends its life cycle, ultimately saving you the expense of purchasing a whole new system before it’s time.

Getting the biggest air conditioner means you’ll get the best comfort. BUSTED AGAIN. The most important rule of thumb when buying an air conditioner is to find one that is properly sized to your home. An A/C that is too small or too big won’t cycle correctly and can actually have a shortened life cycle.

Running your ceiling fan with the A/C on is a waste of money. ALSO BUSTED. Ceiling fans move air around to help you feel cooler at warmer temperatures. It’s best to leave ceiling fans running counter-clockwise during the summer to move cool, conditioned air downward—it can save you up to 40 percent on cooling costs.

Leaving your thermostat set to one temperature or turning your air conditioning completely off while you’re away is best. DEFINITELY BUSTED! To save money on energy bills, set your programmable thermostat slightly higher while you’re away and have it return to a comfortable, cooler setting before you return home. Higher indoor temperatures mean your system won’t work as hard or cycle as often when you’re not home. Why cool an empty house? Likewise, don’t consider turning off the air conditioning to save money when you’re away. Stopping and starting your air conditioner causes it to run inefficiently and work even harder to cool your home once you turn it back on. Your air conditioner works best when it runs for longer, steadier times.