Our team of skilled Carrier technicians knows there’s never a good time for your heat to go out during winter. Our best advice? Start by determining if the cause of your heat loss is due to a power outage:

  1. Seider is there for your family in an emergencyPeek out your window to see if your neighbors have lights on. If they do, that means you most likely blew a fuse and tripped your electrical circuit. Look at your electrical panel and reset the tripped circuit.
  2. Report the power outage. Most people assume their neighbors are reporting it, and electrical companies aren’t notified of the outage. It never hurts to double check to make sure the problem is being addressed.
  3. Set a signal, like turning on a light switch, so you immediately notice when power is restored. Unplug important electronics, like TVs, computers, and stereos to protect them from a possible spike or surge when power is restored.

If you’ve ruled a power outage out, call us immediately to address your furnace breakdown and keep your family warm by:

  1. Layering clothing, like scarves, sweatshirts, socks, and hats. It’s important to keep your body warm as the temperature in your home starts to drop.
  2. Gathering everyone in one room and closing the doors to keep as much body heat in one place as possible.
  3. Using safe heating alternatives, such as space heaters, or wood-burning fireplaces or stoves. NEVER use your oven, outdoor grill, or kerosene heater to warm your home—they can fill your home with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Understanding what to do in an emergency now can help you in the future if you lose heat. Remember to check back often for more tips from our experts.

We Make Ourselves Available When It Counts

Working with Seider means you’ve always got a reliable team behind you. Count on us for furnace repair when you need it most. We offer 24-hour emergency service to our customers—that means we’ll be out to repair your system as soon as possible. Simply call us at 414-354-1180 or 262-436-0505 for emergency service. If your system breaks down, but it’s not an emergency, give our main line a call or schedule an appointment online.