Keep the air in your home clean and healthy with air quality products from Seider

Closing up our homes for winter is not optional—we need to keep the cold drafts out to help our heating systems run as efficiently as possible to save money. But when you seal your home for the season, you also lock out fresh air that helps minimize impurities that get trapped indoors. We’ve already covered why air quality is worse in winter. Now our experts are sharing the top indoor air quality (IAQ) products that clean the air and help you feel healthier.

Carrier® Infinity® Air Purifiers feature a Captures and Kills™ technology that traps airborne pathogens—like bacteria, mold, and viruses—and instantly eliminates them. This powerful system circulates and cleans air up to eight times an hour, and has been credited with significantly reducing the number of cold and flu viruses that live in our homes. Air cleaners are a simple way to guarantee the air your family is breathing is fresh and safe.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can make all the difference in your comfort by managing moisture levels in the air. Very dry air causes itchy skin and increases your chance of getting sick because germs thrive in these conditions. Humidifiers combat these problems, plus static electricity, by introducing moisture into the air. In overly humid homes, dehumidifiers remove excess moisture to deter the growth of mold and mildew, reduce condensation on windows, and help you feel comfortable at lower temperatures, which lowers heating bills. Homeowners are often surprised by what a difference these systems make when it comes to home comfort.

Ventilators replace stale air in your home with fresh air, which also removes many of the germs, contaminants, and odors that get trapped inside. Yes, opening your windows helps bring in fresh air, but you also can’t do that year-round, nor is it always the most energy-efficient or safe solution. Ventilators are guaranteed to improve your air quality without wasting heating or cooling energy.

Do you need all of these systems to breathe easier and be more comfortable? Probably not, but the IAQ specialists at Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical can assess your air using our free in-home, 30-minute test, then recommend the best solutions. If you’re concerned about your air quality, let us help you improve it.