When it comes tDad With Daughtero ceiling fans, you probably only think about using them to help cool in summer. But did you know yours can help your home feel warmer at lower temperatures?

Most fans are outfitted with a switch that you simply shift to change the direction in which it spins. To warm your home, switch your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise at a low speed allowing all of the warm air that’s risen to the ceiling to be redistributed throughout the room. And because thermostats are typically located at “human level,” keeping the warm air lower where it’s needed means you can turn the thermostat down a few degrees and still feel comfortable.

Benefits of using a ceiling fan in the winter include saving up to 15 percent on heating costs by turning the thermostat down, reducing the cost of heating fuel since the system will not cycle as often, and reducing the electrical hazards of space heaters and heated blankets.

Don’t have a ceiling fan? No problem. Ask us about having a fan installed by one of our licensed electricians today to improve your indoor comfort.