Here’s Why You Should Get a Whole-Home Humidifier

With the new year come new opportunities to get healthy. More than just exercising and eating well, there are simple changes that can make your home healthier, too. The technicians at Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical recommend a Carrier® whole-home humidifier for a number of reasons. Find out how this affordable unit can improve your health and home comfort in more ways than one. Stop the Spread of Sicknesses It’s no secret that cold- and flu-causing germs thrive in dry conditions or that airborne viruses [...]

January 17th, 2019|

3 Indoor Air Quality Products to Beat Spring Allergies

Temperatures are on the rise in Wisconsin and that means spring allergies are right around the corner. Instead of suffering through another season with itchy eyes, a runny nose, and scratchy throat, the Seider Heating, Plumbing & Electrical pros want you to know about three air quality products that can ease your symptoms, so you can enjoy the warmer weather. Air Purifiers Air purifiers are popular among area homeowners because they effectively remove airborne pollutants, like dirt, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses. Our top [...]

March 23rd, 2018|

How IAQ Products Can Ease Your Pain This Winter

Closing up our homes for winter is not optional—we need to keep the cold drafts out to help our heating systems run as efficiently as possible to save money. But when you seal your home for the season, you also lock out fresh air that helps minimize impurities that get trapped indoors. We’ve already covered why air quality is worse in winter. Now our experts are sharing the top indoor air quality (IAQ) products that clean the air and help you feel healthier. Carrier® Infinity® [...]

December 19th, 2017|

Hot, Sticky, Muggy: 5 Signs You’re in Desperate Need of a Dehumidifier

During steamy summer months, your A/C cools your home and helps remove some moisture from the air—but it can only do so much before the humidity becomes overpowering and leaves you feeling uncomfortable. In addition to feeling warm and sticky even when the air is running, here are a few more signs you may need a room or whole-home dehumidifier: Moldy spots are a sign of high humidity—when adequate ventilation is not available, moisture collects and leads to mold growth, which can be dangerous to [...]

July 11th, 2017|